Widespread Reports of Voter Fraud from Las Vegas


Published 24-Oct-2012 by Rusty Team in Latest News

Widespread Reports of Voter Fraud from Las Vegas

October 23rd, 2012 – Widespread reports of Voter Fraud in Las Vegas on the Nationally Syndicated Rusty Humphries Show

Callers from Nevada dialed in droves to tell the Rusty Humphries show about efforts underway in Las Vegas to sway the vote. One caller, identifed as a table games dealer named Louie, told Rusty about the SEIU providing union workers with two hour paid lunch breaks, and bus transportation to and from the voting booth. Louie suggests “I don’t think they would have ever showed up had the union not pulled them out of the Casinos…”

Rusty was then joined by Tea Party Talk Radio host Tina Trenner from KDWN-AM, who explains how the SEIU has been put in charge of the voting machines in Las Vegas. According to Trenner, Obama supporters are attempting to intimidate early voters by surrounding polling places with cars and people waving Obama signs. 

Trenner also says there have been reports that “Moving America Forward” (formerly known as ACORN), is stealing votes by going into assisted living homes, signing up the elderly and infirm to vote, and casting ballots for them. 

Then Greg Hughes who is running for State Senate in District 1, called to tell Rusty about another candidate, Stan Vaughn, who tried to cast his ballot in early voting, and was told he couldn’t vote… because he had already voted that day.

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