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September 20, 2012

Judge Napolitano Takes On The Fed ‘Not Federal, Not A Reserve,’ Designed To ‘Make Pres. Look Good’ (video)

September 17, 2012

Obama Administration’s Abuse Of Power: Opening Statement (video)

FINALLY someone is addressing the Constitutionality of the Executive Orders being issued by our Presidents.

July 13, 2012

WOW! Watch this.

July 11, 2012

The Oathkeepers

The oath keepers and other patriots are all that stand between “We the People” and a government verging on evil.

I regard the next four months between now and the election to be the most dangerous that the nation has faced since the months before the outbreak of the Civil War. I am concerned that President Obama, who has already declared “a state of emergency” in a recent Executive Order, will attempt to assert dictatorial powers and require U.S. military and law enforcement authorities to enforce them.  More…

July 7, 2012

Megyn Kelly – Could UN arms treaty infringe on US Constitution

July 4, 2012

Saving the Republic

The Fourth of July is a good time for a quick look back on the nation’s history.

On July 5, 1776, John Adams wrote, “Yesterday was decided the greatest question which was ever decided among men. A resolution was passed unanimously ‘that these United States are, and of right ought to be, free and independent states.’ The day is passed.  More…

June 27, 2012

Trans-Pacific Partnership Paves the Way for Global Corporate Rule

No to the Trans Pacific Partnership IMG_9817

For over two and a half years, the global Elite have been negotiating an agreement that would define the global corporate police state in remarkable detail. The purpose of the agreement is to implement corporate dominance over not only our Constitutional Republic, but other sovereign nations.

The inception of over-reaching international laws, rules and regulations which benefit the technocratic takeover of any federal, state or local laws in any town, city, state, or nation.  More…

June 21, 2012

When Will We Attack Syria?

June 11, 2012

Knew and approved: Wiretaps show DOJ knew about ‘gunwalking’


June 11, 2012


June 6, 2012

Pledge allegiance to U.S., or U.N.?

Conference focuses on push for global governance

National sovereignty is under threat with the United Nations and its gun rules, the Law of the Sea Treaty and its worldwide taxes, Agenda 21, the Bilderbergers and the increasing strength of other global authorities.  More…

June 5, 2012

Pro-Walker Protester Gets in the Mix at Clinton’s Barrett Rally

Friday, June 1st, 2012

Watch this video of a Gov. Scott Walker-supporting marine getting in the mix at today’s Bill Clinton rally for Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett in Wisconsin, days before the recall vote.

And then watch this exclusive video of his arrest for civil unrest.

June 4, 2012

Obama’s Secret Kill List

The essence of our values is the rule of law, not the rule of presidents.

| May 31, 2012his campaign managerto join the group that decides whom to kill.

The leader of the government regularly sits down with his senior generals and spies and advisers and reviews a list of the people they want him to authorize their agents to kill. They do this every Tuesday morning when the leader is in town. The leader once condemned any practice even close to this, but now relishes the killing because he has convinced himself that it is a sane and sterile way to keep his country safe and himself in power. The leader, who is running for re-election, even invited his campaign manager to join the group that decides whom to kill.  More…
May 30, 2012

Stop the Law of the Sea Treaty (LOST)

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 09:00 Eagle Forum

Liberals who favor global government over American sovereignty, such as Massachusetts Senator John Kerry, and Indiana Senator Richard Lugar, who just lost the Senate seat he’s held for 34 years in a primary, are once again pushing this terrible treaty that will hand control of our international waters over to the United Nations. Those pushing the treaty claim that it will expand U.S. sovereignty, but we all know it will do the opposite.  The three main interest groups pushing for the treaty are the U.S. Navy, the big multinational oil companies led by Shell, and the radical environmentalist lawyers. That peculiar alliance should make you suspicious!  Here are the facts:  More…

May 28, 2012

Kansas Governor Signs Bill Effectively Banning Shariah

Republican Kansas Governor Sam Brownback signed a bill aimed at keeping state courts and agencies from using Islamic or other non-U.S. laws when making decisions, his office said on Friday.  More…

May 21, 2012


Rehberg Amendment to Restrict Funds Used for a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty Passes in U.S. House Committee on Appropriations

Posted on May 17, 2012
Fairfax, Va. – Congressman Denny Rehberg’s (Mont.) amendment to restrict the use of federal funds for advocating or lobbying for a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty has passed the U.S. House Committee on Appropriations by a bi-partisan vote of 30 to 20.  The amendment mandates that no taxpayer funds may be used to negotiate a United Nations Arms Trade Treaty that would restrict the Second Amendment rights of any United States citizen or regulate firearms or ammunition.

“Taxpayer funds should not be used to lobby against our constitutional rights.  Law-abiding Americans have the right to keep and bear arms.  The scope of the United Nations Arms Trade Treaty could drastically undermine this constitutional right.  The NRA firmly believes that the U.N. should never be allowed to be the arbiter of American freedom,” said Chris W. Cox, executive director for NRA’s Institute for Legislative Action.  “The NRA would like to thank Congressman Rehberg for his leadership and for offering this vital amendment in support of the Second Amendment.”

Established in 1871, the National Rifle Association is America’s oldest civil rights and sportsmen’s group. Four million members strong, NRA continues to uphold the Second Amendment and advocates enforcement of existing laws against violent offenders to reduce crime. The Association remains the nation’s leader in firearm education and training for law-abiding gun owners, law enforcement and the armed services. Be sure to follow the NRA on Facebook at and on Twitter @NRA.

May 17, 2012

“. . . if Hawaii can’t or won’t provide verification of the president’s birth certificate, I will not put his name on the ballot,”

Arizona official to Hawaii: Show birth verification

Eligibility dispute elevated to formal inquiry from state elections office

 by Jerome R. CorsiEmail | Archive

A state official in Arizona has asked Hawaii for verification of the information on Barack Obama’s birth certificate, the document that Sheriff Joe Arpaio’s special investigative team has concluded may be a forgery.

Members of the Surprise, Ariz., Tea Party, who petitioned Arpaio to investigate Obama’s eligibility, say they are awaiting word from the state secretary of state regarding whether Obama’s name will be on the 2012 presidential ballot in Arizona.  More…

May 11, 2012

Judge Napolitano 5-8-12 Cops Spying on Cell Phones Without Consent

May 11, 2012

ALERT: FBI wants flat-out totalitarian spying on the internet

Video provided by Brasscheck TV

May 5, 2012

Dictator Obama Issues New Threat to Supreme Court over ObamaCare

Obama Administration has been quietly sending missives to the Supreme Court threatening that if it doesn’t rule in his favor on ObamaCare, Medicare will face disruption and “chaos.”

Sher Zieve  Thursday, May 3, 2012

In his latest display of his full USA federal government dictatorship over both the American people and the former co-branches of government, Dictator Obama is warning the Supreme Court to either rule in his favor or face severe consequences. 

Fox News’ Martha McCallum advised Thursday that the Obama Administration has been quietly sending missives to the Supreme Court threatening that if it doesn’t rule in his favor on ObamaCare, Medicare will face disruption and “chaos.”  Therefore, if SCOTUS rules in favor of the US Constitution, Obama & Co will begin its campaign to either destroy Medicare or make those on it suffer greatly.  The Obama syndicate is said to be threatening to hold off Medicare payments to doctors and hospitals if SCOTUS does not comply with Obama’s demands and submit to him.  More…

May 4, 2012

What happened to Free Speech?

Blogger threatened with jail for writing on health

‘This is America and America people should be free to give each other advice’ 

  • buster-keaton-jail

By Jack Minor

A blogger in North Carolina has been threatened with jail time for “practicing nutrition without a license” by writing about his experiences with diabetes and telling readers what types of food he was eating.

It was in January when the North Carolina Board of Dietetics and Nutrition told blogger Steve Cooksey, who writes at, that it was investigating him for providing nutrition care services without a license.  More…
May 2, 2012

Shut down bill before it shuts us up (video)

April 25, 2012

Frightening Video

“The NSA Is Lying”: U.S. Government Has Copies of Most of Your Emails Says NSA Whistleblower

April 25, 2012

Executive Orders Used as Power Grabs (video)

Executive Orders Unleashed: Obama “Can’t Wait” to Bypass Congress, April 25, 2012

COMMENT: Apologists here for Obama’s use of executive orders point out the other recent presidents who’ve also overreached their use of executive orders. This makes the abuses more important, not less, as this has been an on-going deviation from the Constitutional limits of the president since at least FDR in the 30s. An executive branch run wild makes the abuses of kings and dictators almost inevitable. That is why it must be reined in; that’s why the framers constructed limited powers in their document. On the otherhand, there’s clear evidence that all of Obama & co.’s study of the Constitution must have been focuses on tactics to skirt its limitations.

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April 25, 2012

Sneaky Way to Take Away Gun Rights

Bill Allows IRS To Revoke Second Amendment Rights By Stealth

Daisy Luther/ 24, 2012

It looks like the power of the IRS to revoke passports is merely a drop in the tyrannical bucket.

The Senate has voted to approve Bill 1813, which is now on its way to the House.  The insidious bill has so many attacks on freedom that the most serious one has been largely overlooked.

There are two attacks on gun ownership in this bill.  The text of the bill, all 1676 pages of it, can be found HERE.

The first attack on the right to bear arms is found on page 1323.

The Secretary may modify, suspend, or terminate a special permit or approval if the Secretary determines that—(1) the person who was granted the special permit or approval has violated the special permit or approval or the regulations issued under this chapter in a manner that demonstrates that the person is not fit to conduct the activity authorized by the special permit or approval; or (2) the special permit or approval is unsafe.

In the ambiguous language that the Congress so loves to employ in all things unconstitutional, we can translate that to the parental favorite, “Because I said so.”

The second attack on gun ownership is more subtle.  (Watch video below and read more . . . )

April 22, 2012

Another Attack on the Internet Vote Due

April 11, 2012

What in the world is happening to us?

Last week the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that police in the United States can strip search anyone that they arrest.  It doesn’t matter how minor the crime is and it doesn’t matter if they suspect that you have contraband on you or not.  The Supreme Court even said that you can be strip searched if you have been arrested for a traffic violation.  Any type of arrest will do.  More…

April 6, 2012

Napolitano: Dangerously Close To Totalitarianism

April 6, 2012

Exclusive Video: Republican Congressman “Supports Obama” Regarding His Eligibility

Western Journalism contributor Tom Ballantyne Jr., author of “Oh Really, O’Reilly?“, went to a meeting of the Red Mountain Tea Party in Arizona on Tuesday, April 3, 2012. Although cameras were not allowed into the meeting, Tom was able to sneak in a recording device. In the video Ballantyne asks Arizona Republican Congressman (and Senate hopeful) Jeff Flake about his views on ForgeryGate, the controversy revolving around Barack Obama’s forged birth certificate and selective service card that the mainstream media on both sides seeks to hide. The results aren’t pretty…

Our congressmen don’t want to hold Obama accountable, but fortunately, these congressmen are accountable to we the people. Make sure you remember this on election day this November.

Watch the presentation that Sheriff Joe Arpaio gave on March 31st about his investigation into the forgeries by clicking here. Stay informed and share with your friends.

We would encourage you to watch the entire video and then share it with your friends via Facebook, Twitter, e-mail, and other social networks.

220px Jeff Flake by Gage Skidmore 150x150 Exclusive Video: Republican Congressman Supports Obama  Regarding His Eligibility

Jeff Flake, Courtesy of Gage Skidmore

April 3, 2012

Police State 2012 (video)

March 30, 2012

Obama Assumes Dictatorial Powers! Dick Morris video

March 28, 2012

Obama’s Secret War-making for the U.N.

Submitted by on March 21, 2012 – 8:26 pm EST
By: Cliff Kincaid
Accuracy in Media

You may not have heard of PSD-10 because it has received no significant coverage from the major media. Yet, President Obama issued “Presidential Study Directive 10” last August 4, 2011, and posted it on the White House website. It amounts to a new and potentially far-reaching exercise of American military power cloaked in humanitarian language and conducted under the auspices of the United Nations and the International Criminal Court.

Under this new “Obama doctrine,” U.S. troops can be deployed to arrest or even terminate individuals wanted by the International Criminal Court, which is based on a treaty that has not been ratified by the U.S. Senate and isn’t even up for Senate consideration.  More…

March 22, 2012

Obamacare Is A “Fundamental Insult To Our Individual Liberty” (video)

March 22, 2012

Supreme Court sides with Idaho property owners over EPA

Published March 21, 2012|

WASHINGTON –  The Supreme Court has come forcefully down on the side of an Idaho couple in its fight against the Environmental Protection Agency, unanimously ruling Wednesday that the couple can challenge an EPA order to stop construction of their home on property designated a wetland.

Mike and Chantell Sackett bought their land near a scenic lake for $25,000, but when they decided to build a property there in 2007, the EPA ordered a halt, saying the Clean Water Act requires that wetlands not be disturbed without a permit.

They’ve been fighting for the right to challenge the decision in court for several years, and facing millions of dollars in fines over the land. 

The couple complained there was no reasonable way to challenge the order, and noted they don’t know why the EPA concluded there are wetlands on their lot, which is surrounded by a residential neighborhood with sewer lines and homes.  Read more:

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Supreme Court backs landowners in fight with EPA

EPA declared property ‘wetlands,’ threatened couple with massive fine

March 22, 2012

Forgerygate: Media Threatened With Federal Investigations If Obama Birth Certificate Story Reported

March 20, 2012 By

570 1024x682 Forgerygate: Media Threatened With Federal Investigations If Obama Birth Certificate Story Reported

Individuals and member organizations of the American media were threatened with FTC and FCC investigation if information gathered by Sheriff Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse concerning the forgery of Barack Obama’s long form birth certificate were passed on to the American public.

It was Posse lead investigator Mike Zullo who made this stunning revelation, stating “During our investigation, we actually were told [that media] had been threatened with FTC investigations. Commentators [had been] threatened with their jobs.”

And Jerome Corsi, author of “Where’s the birth certificate,” the book whose imminent publication was responsible for forcing Barack Obama to quickly create and place the fraudulent long form birth certificate on the White House web site, has said that “Testimony is being developed that the White House is intimidating, in a systematic way, the mainstream media and if any broadcasters dare go into this birther story, they’re going to risk FCC investigations… people are going to have careers ruined… thrown off the air.”  More…

March 19, 2012

Obamacare Is A Cancer That Must Go

Fellow Americans:

It has been two years this week since the passage of Obamacare, and the firestorm it ignited has not abated but only spread and intensified. Most Americans have already made up their minds, understanding that until it is completely removed, the cancer of Obamacare threatens not only our healthcare and our economy but also our most fundamental liberties and constitutional self-government.  More…

March 18, 2012

What Is “Pretended Legislation”?

Unacknowledged by our laws: Recess appointments and Executive Orders are being applied with abandon as the Administration thumbs its nose at the House of Representatives.

March 17, 2012 By

What did the Founders mean by “pretended legislation” in the Declaration of Independence?

Are things different today in our lust for power? It usually boils down to greed and the love of money. We don’t need a bombastic oration by a President or statesman who has drifted far from his or her solemn oath to protect and defend the Constitution.

The Declaration laments of the king: “He has combined with others to subject us to a jurisdiction foreign to our constitution, and unacknowledged by our laws; giving his assent to their acts of pretended legislation.”  More…

March 18, 2012

President Obama signs Executive Order allowing for control over all US resources

Kenneth Schortgen Jr's photo,Finance Examiner+ Subscribe

On March 16th, President Obama signed a new Executive Order which expands upon a prior order issued in 1950 for Disaster Preparedness, and gives the office of the President complete control over all the resources in the United States in times of war or emergency.  Continue reading

March 18, 2012

Sheriff Joe: We Have Tons Of Information; Media Silent

March 15, 2012

What is a Super PAC?