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February 8, 2012

Feds Label Bulk Buying of Food a Potential Terrorist Activity

Despite the fact that FEMA itself spent $1 billion dollars on storable food last year alone

by Paul Joseph Watson,

As part of its effort to encourage business owners to spy on their customers, the FBI has labeled the bulk purchase of food as a potential indication of terrorist activity, despite the fact that FEMA itself last year purchased $1 billion dollars worth of storable food.

A flyer aimed at Military Surplus stores produced under the auspices of the FBI’s Communities Against Terrorism project, encourages owners to report people who “make bulk purchases of items to include….meals ready to eat”.

According to the flyer, the FBI advises store owners to demand ID’s from all new customers, as well as asking them questions about their purchase and being aware of “suspicious statements”.

The flyer also characterizes paying with cash or “demanding identity privacy” as an indication of terrorism.

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January 13, 2012

Infowars Nightly News: NWO is Watching Every Move You Make & Covert War in Iran:

from TheAlexJonesChannel:

Aaron Dykes breaks down the incredible ‘High Tech Police State System’ that the Globalist plan to fully put us under in the months to come, and there is truly no place to hide once this system of control is fully in place and running. Aaron will also cover other issues in tonights thursday broadcast of Infowars Nightly News and will add a little humor toward the end of the show with the, “Prestitute Award.” Then, Aaron runs down the latest news on Iran, and a host of other topics ranging from, Cop Killing in Arizona, general publics response to the idea of war with Iran. Aaron Shows a clip by Wearechange founder Luke Rudkowski, who confronts Globalist puppet Newt Gingrich, about his many trips to a gay resort called Bohemian Grove, just outside San Francisco, Ca.

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