30K For Romney Rally In Ohio! For Barack Obama – Less than 3000 Show Up

by on November 3, 2012 with

In a clear contrast of two political rallies held in the same swing state of Ohio, Mitt Romney enjoyed crowds in excess of 30,000 loud and confident supporters, while Barack Obama saw fewer than 3000 supporters show up to hear what he had to say.

(A remarkable scene at the most recent Romney/Ryan rally in Ohio today – over 30,000 supporters cheered on the men they hope will restore America.  This may be the single largest political rally in the history of GOP politics.)


(Barack Obama on the other hand, visited a campaign rally at a far smaller venue – inside a barn at the Franklin County Fairgrounds where only 2800 supporters showed up to hear him once again read from the teleprompter

Viewing these recent photos from Ohio I am reminded of that incredible story to come out of Mitt Romney’s visit to Red Rocks Colorado when, as Insider put it, Governor Romney was truly moved by both the moment, and the possible impending responsibility of being America’s next president:  Read More …