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November 16, 2012

put away the sackcloth and ashes

Well – I feel a bit like King David when he was told his son had died…remember that story?
His son was very sick and David trusted God to intervene – he put on sackcloth and ashes, refused to eat or drink and prayed fervently for his sons return to health. Of course, his son died – and everyone was afraid to tell David – afraid it would drive him insane. But David heard the whispering – asked if his son had died – and when it was confirmed, he asked for food and drink and cleaned himself up.
They were amazed at the transformation and asked him what had brought about his change of attitude – he told them that while his son still lived, there was the chance God would heal him, but when he died, it was God’s will – and there was nothing more to do but praise God for his mercy.
So, I woke up this morning to a country run by a man I have no faith in – but I live in a great country – still – and so I’ll put away the sackcloth and ashes, renew my efforts to protect the things in this life I hold dear…and work towards a 2014 reclamation of the Senate!! Then, on to 2016… all the while praising God that I was privileged enough to have been born an American.  Author Unknown
November 16, 2012


by GREG GUTFELD 13 Nov 2012 
I hate hate.

But I also love hate. You could say I have a love-hate relationship with hate. I hate that I feel that way. Which is why I wrote this book. It’s a book I love to hate, and vice versa.

My book is called the Joy of Hate for three reasons. One: the original title, “Black, Lesbian and Proud” was already taken.

Oddly, by Wink Martindale.

Two: it refers to the biochemical commotion that erupts in my brain when I feel an urge of strong distaste for something that bugs me. It’s an experience that is both exhilarating but ultimately exhausting (as fruitless as self-pleasure). When I feel that anger, I cannot do anything but scratch at it. It’s a mental mosquito bite and it feels good to keep digging at it.

Three: the title’s stronger meaning salutes the freedom one feels rejecting, hating, or mocking things you aren’t supposed to reject, hate or mock — meaning the liberal, romantic, misguided opinions operating under the guise of the greater good.

And four: it exposes people who get off pretending to hate something, or hate you, in order to score political points. These are the phony toleratic — a kook who claims to be tolerant, until he runs into someone who disagrees with him (you). The toleratic travel in packs, called the tolerati. Examples of tolerati: soros-funded bloggers, hyenas, the Manson family, Hollywood. The tolerati traffic in faux hate, as a way to elevate their profile, and lower yours. They will overlook the sleaze on their own side (coming in various forms, like Bill Maher and syphilis), while demanding you apologize for a “cruel joke” that harmed no one.

The people I describe are your laughable enemies. And mine too. I invite you to hate them with me, joyfully.

(And yes, I am aware that initially I said there were three reasons for the title, but I gave four. If you had already spotted the flub and felt compelled to deposit an angry comment below, then this book is not for you. It might be for your spouse. I will ask her when she gets out of the shower.)

The Joy of Hate focuses on the hypocrisy of modern tolerance — that it thinly disguises a growing, acceptable intolerance for the things that made America super-awesome. The origin of this phony intolerance springs from one source: the desire to be cool. Everything done in life these days springs from a fear of dorkiness. I called this “dorkophobia,” and every time you use it, I get three dollars. Despite the fact that it’s the uncool who make the trains run on time, it’s the cool to get the cred. The definition of cool: mass popularity without much achievement. It’s how Obama got elected. Ask anyone who voted for him, “Why did you do it?” and the convoluted, wide-eyed answer will ultimately be translated into: “He’s cool and that other guy wasn’t.” The media pushed this to the hilt; and much of the public bought it; giving stuff away is cool — especially when it’s others people stuff — and perceived as philanthropic.

So what is perceived as cool, when it’s really the opposite?

– Bureaucrats spawned in teacher’s lounges chiseling at your income, to the cheers of a pliant media
– Creating dependency as a romantic lifestyle, independent of achievement
– Ridiculing women, minorities, and gays who reject the culture of dependency
– Fake work that doesn’t require building, moving or doing things. In 2008, a community organizer beat a war hero who spent years in a prison camp. Apparently that’s cool.
– Movements that reject American values in favor of American guilt (Occupy)
– Anti-Americanism as a needy appeasement to our international adversaries
– Hero worship of celebrities based on artificial edginess (Johnny Depp is not really a pirate)
– Destroying things. Did Pete Townsend ever think of the maid as he trashed his 25th hotel room?
– Victimhood. The elevation of the David and Goliath myth as a universal storyboard dictating that evil can be good, as long as it’s smaller than the good. If America was a house, the left would root for the termites.
– Code words. Language that aptly describes things is uncool. However, euphemisms created to avoid hurting the feelings of our adversaries is not. Hence, Ft. Hood terror is workplace violence. Which, I guess that makes Hurricane Sandy a pool party.
– Talking about your identity. If you’re gay, bisexual, transgendered, Raelian, or Eskimo, chances are I’ll hear about it. If you are less proud of what you do than who you do then you’re considered cool. 

Where does the tyranny of the cool begin?

As soon as you realize being cool pays off. When you’re a kid. In classrooms across the country, kids are learning to gain favor from teachers and peers, and the elevation of “pretend-caring” as a function of cool gets you grades and girls. Stretch this over a decade or so into college, and it’s no wonder the streets are flooded with beta males who talk from the back of their throats as they bowl in Brooklyn — ironically.

The cool’s hold on society’s throat is seen everywhere. Remember that Jon Stewart rally a few years back; that was a celebration of the cool over the uncool (the uncool being the Glenn Beck rallies, the Tea Party, FNC watchers). The cool owns the film industry, as villains take on intriguing personalities, while anyone with a blackberry or a briefcase is considered worse than evil — uncool.

Being pro-choice is cool. Speculating too much on what abortion really means — that’s way uncool.

It reminds me of my old joke. “Knock knock.” “Who’s there?” “You’ll never know.”

Not cool.

Assorted slugs on death row are cool; their victims are uncool — for never really getting over it.

Sometimes coolness can be confusing. Nobody smokes in LA. But they all do in movies. Somehow smoking is cool, only if you’re already cool. When you see a truck driver or a postman smoking, the tolerant break out the phony cough. They’d never do that around Brad Pitt.

Being political is cool, as long as it’s progressive. Conservatives by nature hate politics and politicians. Liberals love it, because it makes them feel cool. Talk to any liberal friend, and they’re running for office when they’re running their mouth. “I must tell you about the bake sale we had for the Guatemalan water snake.” No you don’t, but you will. Shut up.

Immigration as an idea is cool neutral. But discussing the definition of a border? Uncool, dude. Sure, other countries have them (the ones people are fleeing from); but discussing the possibility of an American border is smeared as racist in origin — the ultimate in uncool. I’m probably racist for writing that.

Who pushes the cool? The media, of course, who seeks to portray anything traditional as silly, dorky, and outmoded. The stuff that worked, apparently, is stupid, because it worked. Witness how the media mocked a gentle mess like the Tea Party but embraced the soiled rag of Occupy Wall Street. To the network and newspaper hacks, one was simply way cooler than the other. One reminded them of their parents, the other reminded them of themselves. Without a bath.

Why is this duopoly, the cool vs. the uncool, so important? It won an election. Showbiz beat substance. Style creamed success. This happens in a culture that salivates over youth, glamour, and glibness. Fashion has no use for Mitts.

The funny thing about cool? It’s not cool. At all. In fact, what’s truly cool is the rebellion against the perceived, predictable rebellion of the cool.

Why aren’t conservatives cool? Why are they perceived as intolerant when it’s the other side who are truly the hateful ones? It’s a fair question.

We have the cool message. It’s “Step off.” Or, for you old schoolers, “don’t tread on me,” which applies domestically and internationally. It’s not cool to have a government intrude into every aspect of your life, under the guise of “help.” The new electorate must learn this, or we are doomed.

For we know there is nothing cool about dependency. And there’s nothing cool about anti-exceptionalism, increased regulation, government control in all sectors, and a fractional country based on race and gender. What’s cool is building businesses, military supremacy (which keeps us free to be cool), unity over division (once called patriotism), and competition (which is the universal engine for self-improvement). All of this may sound dorky, but it’s as cool as James Dean. We need to teach people how to love this country for the reasons that made this country what it is.

It shouldn’t be too hard to win converts, with a message like that. But we haven’t. Which is why last Tuesday was necessary.

The cool cats who claim victory last week cannot be too thrilled. For it is a wake up call for the rest of us, the uncool. It’s time for new blood. We have the message. We just need the messenger.

In the meantime, the cool kids have to try to govern. Which is kind of like James Dean trying to drive. Unfortunately, we’re all in the passenger seat. But we’ve got two years to find another driver, folks. Ladies and Gentlemen: start your engines.

October 5, 2012

Chris Matthews Loses It After Obama’s Poor Debate Performance

Provided by WesternJournalism

October 5, 2012

Herman Cain Teaches Students About the Greatest Country in the World

October 1, 2012

Former Florida Democrat Party Executive Director Dumps Obama For Romney

Former Florida Democrat Party Executive Director Dumps Obama For Romney – Washington Free Beacon


Barney Bishop, the former Executive Director of the Florida Democratic Party, has written an article detailing why he can not support Barack Obama over Mitt Romney. Bishop had this to say on the president’s policies in an op-ed posted at

In every challenge that faces our nation, Obama sees a solution that can only come with another government-spending program. He fails to harness the ingenuity of entrepreneurs; instead he actually places obstacles, like burdensome regulation, in front of their path to progress.

Bishop, a local businessman, criticizes Obama’s attacks on Romney’s business record and defends Romney’s plan to revitalize the economy:

Specifically, the attacks on the work Mitt Romney did in private equity demonstrates a dangerous lack of understanding how important risk-taking investors are in the U.S. economy…

Contrary to the failed Obama policies, informed by his experience in the private sector, Mitt Romney has a plan for cutting and capping the government’s spending to bring us balanced budgets. He gets that job creators need less regulation and stable tax policy in order to invest and grow.

Bishop has encouraged other Democrats to join him in his support for Romney, claiming, “It’s just too important for the nation to let party labels cloud the clear choice we have this election.”

Click HERE For Rest Of Story

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October 1, 2012

Wild Bill’s School of Political Success (video)

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September 26, 2012

Global Taxation Through the UN! Dick Morris Video

September 26, 2012

Whose Side is Barack Obama On? (video)

Published on Sep 23, 2012 by

The video that will bring down Obama.
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Featured on Western Journalism:

September 25, 2012

Rep. Louie Gohmert: Obama Helped Jump Start New Radical Ottoman Empire (video)

September 20, 2012

Napolitano: Gov. Romney Was Correct

By Andrew P. Napolitano September 20, 2012 11:50 am

As readers of this column and viewers of Fox News Channel may know, I have not hesitated to criticize Gov. Mitt Romney’s presidential campaign and the governor himself. I have argued that his message is muddled and his values are unknown beyond his ardent wish to improve economic conditions through the use of free market mechanisms rather than central economic planning, a position with which I agree entirely.  More…

September 18, 2012

Libya, Mid East Burning! Dick Morris video

The President is a creampuff?

September 15, 2012

Why America’s Leading Libertarian Is Endorsing Mitt Romney And Joining The GOP

Read transcript

September 11, 2012

Paul Harvey: “America’s Heart” for September 11th (video)

From American Thinker

September 6, 2012

Krauthammer Scorches Clinton’s Speech: “A Giant Swing And A Miss” (video)

Charles Krauthammer reacts to former President Bill Clinton’s address to the 2012 Democratic National Convention: KRAUTHAMMER: Well, I think I’m going respectfully dissent from the panel. I think it was a giant swing and a miss. Mighty Casey and Bill Clinton is a natural, he struck out on this. I don’t think it would move a needle whatsoever. Look, it had all the classic Clinton elements; it was engaging, it was humorous. In some cases, it was generous and there are more mentions of the Bushes than I heard in three days in Tampa, but on the other hand it was also vintage Clinton. In that it was sprawling, undisciplined and truly self-indulgent.  More…

August 8, 2012

Trump: Obama Has Spent Millions To Keep His Records Sealed In Court

Donald Trump appeared the other day on Fox and Friends to weigh in on ForgeryGate as well as Harry Reid’s dishonest comments about Mitt Romney not paying taxes.
August 8, 2012

Obama’s College Classmate: ‘The Obama Scandal Is at Columbia’

I am President Obama’s classmate at Columbia University, Class of ’83. I am also one of the most accurate Las Vegas oddsmakers and prognosticators. Accurate enough that I was awarded my own star on the Las Vegas Walk of Stars. And I smell something rotten in Denmark. Obama has a big skeleton in his closet. It’s his college records.  More…

August 1, 2012

Where is Huma Abedin’s Security Clearance Form?

July 31, 2012/By: Cliff Kincaid/Accuracy in Media

 The head of the Soros-funded Center for American Progress (CAP) is defending controversial State Department official Huma Abedin, a top aide to Secretary of State Hillary Clinton who is suspected of playing a role in Obama Administration “engagement” with the anti-American Muslim Brotherhood.  More…

July 18, 2012

Obama’s Radical Philosophy Revealed (video)

Brit Hume of Fox News nails it in exposing Obama for who he really is. I hope that his colleagues have the same courage.

Provided by  ,

July 18, 2012

Grassley accuses FDA of acting like communist secret police for spying on employees

 Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) accused the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of acting like the East German secret police for closely monitoring the computer activities of some of its employees.

The GOP senator said internal documents on the surveillance program make the FDA “sound more like the East German Stasi than a consumer protection agency in a free country.”  More…  

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July 13, 2012

Hitler Ignorance (Wild Bill Video)

July 11, 2012

The most honest three and a half minutes of television, EVER… James Bouder

July 4, 2012

Obama to mark July 4 with naturalization ceremony for active-duty troops

President Obama is ringing in the Fourth of July by hosting a naturalization ceremony for active-duty troops in the White House.

Obama will speak at the event, which is being held in the East Room, and will give the Outstanding American by Choice award, a recognition from U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services for “naturalized citizens who have made significant contributions to both their community and their adopted country.”  More…

July 2, 2012

What is causing the outbreak of Flesh Eating Diseases?

Recently, in the news we have heard about perfectly healthy individuals who have had to have their limbs amputated because they were infected with NF, the deadly flesh eating disease (necrotizing fasciitis) caused by MRSA . I have known about this disease for awhile but recently it seems that more and more people are becoming victims of this terrifying disease. So, I started to look into the reasons this disease is on the rise and what we can do to stop it.  More…
June 20, 2012

Barack Obama, the Illusion

Grifter in Chief?

If Barack Hussein Obama were a movie, he’d be the Steven Spielberg directed Catch Me if You Can.

Politicians and despots down through the ages have proven out as phonies, liars and thieves, but the one who took Barry Soetoro all the way to the White House as the self-proclaimed President Barack Obama, is a painstakingly crafted illusion.  More…

June 11, 2012

Can You Answer 25 Difficult Questions That The Mainstream Media Does Not Seem To Have Answers To?

The mainstream news just seems to get sillier and shallower with each passing day.  More… 

June 6, 2012

Bilderberg 2012: Mitt Romney and Bill Gates were there

By Charlie Skelton, The Guardian/Wednesday, June 6, 2012 2:59 EDT

Another conference over. Charlie Skelton talks to some of the 800 activists outside the gates to find out what they learned

What a Bilderberg it’s been. Big names, big money, big decisions, big crowds. Somewhere around 800 activists outside the gates (up from about a dozen in 2009), and inside? Well, here’s what we learned.  More…

June 6, 2012

Victory in Wisconsin

June 6, 2012

Barack Obama, Dolores Huerta, Cesar Chavez, Frank Marshall Davis, Socialism and Communism

Submitted by on May 31, 2012
In awarding the Presidential Medal of Freedom to California labor unionist Dolores Huerta, President Barack Obama has symbolically re-affirmed his thirty year relationship with the US’ largest Marxist organization, Democratic Socialists of America.

Dolores Huerta, a committed radical, is an honorary chair of DSA and has served that organization or its predecessors for nearly 40 years.  More…

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June 6, 2012

Another boost for Obama’s ‘gay’ accuser

Democrat who conducted polygraph indicted for campaign fraud

author-image by Jerome R. CorsiEmail | Archive

Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff reporter. He has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers “The Obama Nation” and “Unfit for Command.” Corsi’s latest book is “Where’s the REAL Birth Certificate?”120402obamabinoculars

Two recent developments have bolstered a campaign by Larry Sinclair to advance the sensational claim in his 2009 book “Barack Obama & Larry Sinclair: Cocaine, Sex, Lies & Murder” that he and Barack Obama twice engaged in homosexual acts accompanied by cocaine use.  More…

May 31, 2012

Report: GOP Will End Fast And Furious Investigation


May 31, 2012 By John Boehner 3 SC Report: GOP will end Fast and Furious investigation

“We want to let them know that there is a theological responsibility (emphasis added) to participate in the political process…” said House Congressional Black Caucus chair, Emanuel Cleaver of a meeting with hundreds of black Pastors representing various denominations in the U.S. Speaking to MSNBC, the congressman added “…we’re going to have the IRS administrator there, we’re going to have the Attorney General Eric Holder there, we’re going to have the lawyers’ organization from around the country, the ACLU — all giving Ministers guidance about what they can and cannot do.”

Of course, Cleaver was referring to “guidance” in the ways churches can participate in the 2012 election without violating IRS rules concerning their tax exempt status.  Naturally, this has always been of GREAT concern to black pastors, especially nowadays given the sterling record of unbiased enforcement built by the scrupulously law-abiding Attorney General.  More…

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May 30, 2012

Birth-certificate ‘surprise’ in October?

Hawaii source claims forgery of ‘original’ with 1961 materials

Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., is a WND senior staff reporter.
An intelligence source in Hawaii who warned early last year that a forged Obama birth record would be released now says that amid continued doubts about the authenticity of the document posted on the White House website, a forged “original” birth certificate intended to pass forensic inspection by using 1961 materials is being prepared and could be released as an “October surprise.”  More…
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May 28, 2012

Why I Have (Largely) Given Up on the Federal Government

Posted by

  • Over the past year I’ve come to two realizations that are driving some important actions in my life that will manifest themselves in the months and years ahead.

The first is that the federal government is beyond repair. This country is so deep in debt, so far astray from the Constitution, so uneducated on the principles of liberty, so controlled by centralized power and corrupt deals, and so unwilling to take the steps to reverse course, that its future is looking increasingly grim. Whether the future brings a crisis event such as a monetary collapse or military attack, or whether we simply will be gradually subjected to yet further federal tyranny, the direction has long been consistent and unrelenting. The United States of America is headed in the direction of disaster. I think this general observation is pretty much indisputable.  More…

May 28, 2012

Arabic Required Class in School in New York

Arabic Mandated in New York Public Schools is a Step Toward the Islamization of America

I’m all for learning a new language, even Arabic. I have a good friend who is studying Arabic so he can debate with Muslims in their own language. When I was in high school in the 1960s, some students took Russian. It wasn’t mandated. Many Europeans know several languages. English is one of the most prevalent second languages around the world. When my wife and I traveled through China last year, we ran into people from all over the world who spoke English, including many Chinese. There was no need to know how to speak Arabic.  Read more:

May 25, 2012

Law of Sea Treaty Hearings Dick Morris Video

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May 23, 2012

Iran Shipping Missiles to Chavez that Can Hit US (video)

May 23, 2012

Problem Solved (video)

May 22, 2012

Republicans Not Supporting Fast and Furious Charge

Rep. Issa might not have the votes to push forward Holder contempt charge

By Jordy Yager – 05/22/12 05:00 AM ET

Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) might not have the votes in his own committee to hold Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of Congress. 

A number of Republicans on the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee are wary of moving forward with Issa’s proposed measure, putting the powerful chairman in an awkward position as he attempts to build support for the move.  More…

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May 21, 2012

Another Fake Debt Ceiling Fight On The Horizon?

May 19, 2012 By Taxpayers To Refuel Government Debt 1.2 Trillion More SC Another fake debt ceiling fight on the horizon?

I remember when I was a teenager and I was constantly borrowing money from my parents because it seemed that my lifestyle had become more than I could afford. I would beg, plead, tell tales of dire misery if I didn’t get the money, lie, say “oh I promise this will be the last time I ask”, and lastly, pout! Washington D.C. reminds me too much of myself as a teenager; only these people in Washington are supposed to be adults, aren’t they? Why is all of this important? My parents finally had to put a stop to the borrowing and teach me some hard lessons about money. The same thing is happening and needs to be done in our government.  More…

May 21, 2012

Be Charitable but Be Aware and Be Wise

May 16, 2012

Has Obama Really “Come Out Of The Closet” On Gay Marrige?

May 15, 2012 By President Obama face WH photo SC Has Obama Really Come Out of the Closet on Gay Marrige?

Obama and sexual assault allegations at Harvard have been revealed. Apparently, at least two former collegues received severence packages to leave their positions and to remain silent.

And then we have the Larry Sinclair affair that was swept under the rug by the lame stream media.

And then we have Obama’s affiliation with “Mans Country,” a gay men’s bath house in Chicago. I personally confirmed this information with members of Hillbuzz, a gay web site,via e-mail. They confirmed to me that their people who frequent the club have deemed this information as true.

It must be a very tough job to juggle being a gay, Communist Muslim when we all know what Muslims do to homosexuals. Stay safe, and be aware of your surroundings.  Original Article