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The Hill: Romney lands punches against subdued Obama in first debate
By Justin Sink and Amie Parnes
Mitt Romney dominated the critical first presidential debate Wednesday night, landing punch after punch on a noticeably subdued President Obama.

The Hill: Listless Obama helped boost Romney’s night
By Niall Stanage
A subdued and sometimes listless performance from President Obama may have given Mitt Romney the opening he needed to reshape the battle for the White House on Wednesday night.

The Hill: Obama fails to mention Bain, ’47 percent’
By Jonathan Easley
President Obama didn’t mention two of his campaign’s most effective attacks against Mitt Romney in Wednesday night’s debate in Denver.

The Hill: Liberal pundits disappointed with Obama’s performance on debate night
By Alexandra Jaffe
Liberal pundits across the networks were resoundingly negative about President Obama’s performance during Wednesday’s debate, with most expressing disappointment that he was not more aggressive in the first face-to-face meeting of the two candidates.

The Hill: Twitter verdict is swift on debate moderator Lehrer: ‘Poor Jim’
By Alicia M. Cohn
Jim Lehrer, the third man on stage at Wednesday’s presidential debate, quickly earned his own moment in the Twitter spotlight as viewers interpreted his attitude as one of growing exasperation.

The Hill: Polls: Romney dominated debate
By Cameron Joseph
Two flash polls late Wednesday reflected what most pundits are saying: Mitt Romney dominated the first presidential debate.

The Hill: Romney addresses Obama, Obama addresses Lehrer at first debate
By Jonathan Easley
President Obama and Mitt Romney were often addressing different people during Wednesday’s debate.