Monckton: Obama crew ‘existential threat’ to U.S.

But warns GOP not in position to reverse socialism

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By John Griffing

Editor’s Note: John Griffing recently interviewed Lord Monckton, who is sounding the alarm that unless the current warnings are heeded, the West is on the precipice of financial and political collapse.

When faced with existential threats, Britain and America always have engaged in a constant intellectual exchange, sending the best and brightest through a transatlantic revolving door that has been a foundation of the “special relationship” existing between the two countries.

Historically, the basis for such discussions have been the mutual respect for human life, love of personal liberty and preference for small and accountable government.

Most notable was when Prime Minister Winston Churchill journeyed across the Atlantic to educate Americans about the dangers of communism and Soviet aspirations, and delivered his “Iron Curtain” speech.

Lord Monckton is following in Churchill’s footsteps, nudging the sleeping giant as the West faces probably some of the biggest hurdles it ever has faced, economically, politically, socially and morally.

In that atmosphere, Lord Monckton agreed to an interview:  More . . .