Dems defend Obama on debt, say balancing budget now a bad idea

September 2, 2012 / Fox News

After a week of withering attacks on President Obama’s fiscal record, top Democrats on Sunday defended the president’s plans for shaving down the deficit — but said balancing the budget now would actually be a bad idea. 

Senior campaign adviser David Axelrod, speaking oAn “Fox News Sunday,” repeated claims that Obama’s plan would cut the deficit by $4 trillion over the next decade, bringing  the budget shortfall down to a point that would “stabilize” the debt. 

“And then, with growth, we’ll be in a position to begin reducing it further,” he said. 

But, when pressed, Axelrod would not say when the president’s plan could bring the budget into balance. With the deficit clocking in at more than $1 trillion once again this year, he suggested that’s not the goal in the near-term.  Read more…