Is An Underfunded Pension The Real Reason Behind SEIU’s Sabotage-Tainted Strike?

Why  has  the  nation’s  most  notorious  union  really  walked  out  on  the elderly?   Posted by LaborUnionReport (Diary)

Thursday, August 2nd at 9:00AM EDT

 Nearly a month after the SEIU had its members abandon elderly residents at several Connecticut nursing homes operated by Healthbridge Managment, the SEIU spin machine is going in full gear, even going so far as promoting a story over an elderly resident’s death.

Earlier this week Communist Party USA supporter, Congresswoman Rosa DeLauro [D-CT] joined her striking campaign contributors on the picket line, telling strikers, “They don’t know how tough we are.”

Of course, DeLauro’s visit is only the latest in the parade of union-bought politicians the SEIU put together.

Previously, Connecticut’s publicity-seeking senator, Dick Blumenthal, as well as the state’s attorney general and governor* have shown up at the SEIU’s picket lines.  Read More…