As presidential campaign heads into final 100 days, undecided voters still struggle

By , , , Joshua Hicks and , Published: July 28

TOLEDO, Ohio — There are 100 days left in what, at times, has seemed like an endless presidential election. And these are the bewildered sounds of the Undecided American, trying to decide.

“I know Obama says he has put people back to work, and I don’t dispute that,” Pam Nickel said at an outdoor shopping mall in Perrysburg, Ohio, on Tuesday. Underemployment is a big issue for her, though. “I don’t know that the last four years will sway me as much as what happens in the next few months,” she said.

“I’m definitely not voting for Obama. Our country’s in the worst mess ever, and certainly he needs to take some responsibility,” said Bobbie Hodge, 71, a retired nurse from Iron County, Mo. “And yet, I’m not sure about Romney.”  Read More…