UN Sustainability Summit Exposed: Big Business, Dictators, and NGOs

RIO DE JANEIRO — The real agenda behind the United Nations Rio+20 Conference on Sustainable Development was clear months before the summit began. It had little to do with solving poverty or legitimate environmental concerns. Instead, the UN was hoping to acquire vast new powers to re-shape the world and its people, as evidenced by multiple reports and documents it released ahead of the conference. Of course, the fact that Rio+20 Secretary General Sha Zukang was a Chinese Communist who openly loathes Americans was revealing, too.   More…


One Comment to “UN Sustainability Summit Exposed: Big Business, Dictators, and NGOs”

  1. Get a cup of coffee, sit down and try to relax, then be brave and read this article. It’s not something you will enjoy — it certainly is not uplifting — but it is something that you need to know and store away for future reference. It’s a good reminder about the mindset of those who wear blinders and do not see what is happening worldwide and what has happened throughout history. They just know what they think would be good for mankind or themselves, and that’s enough for them to try to achieve it. Or, they are one of those who does not give a rat’s ___ about the world, they just want to dip into the well of money that the taxpayers provide. Keep in mind that reasonable and realistic people around the world understand what is truly happening here, and we’ll keep doing our best to inform those who do not.