Has Obama Really “Come Out Of The Closet” On Gay Marrige?

May 15, 2012 By President Obama face WH photo SC Has Obama Really Come Out of the Closet on Gay Marrige?

Obama and sexual assault allegations at Harvard have been revealed. Apparently, at least two former collegues received severence packages to leave their positions and to remain silent.

And then we have the Larry Sinclair affair that was swept under the rug by the lame stream media.

And then we have Obama’s affiliation with “Mans Country,” a gay men’s bath house in Chicago. I personally confirmed this information with members of Hillbuzz, a gay web site,via e-mail. They confirmed to me that their people who frequent the club have deemed this information as true.

It must be a very tough job to juggle being a gay, Communist Muslim when we all know what Muslims do to homosexuals. Stay safe, and be aware of your surroundings.  Original Article