Mitt Romney Will Do Just Fine, Thank-You

May 7, 2012   By J.R. Dunn


The upcoming election will be one of the simplest of our lifetimes.  It is defined by one axiom: Obama must be defeated.

I’m not one of that crew, sincere but overwrought, who see Barack Obama as some kind of period to the American story, as a native Anti-Christ by way of Alinsky and Ayers.  He cannot ruin the United States.  He does not have power.  I believe with Adam Smith that there is a lot of ruin in a country to begin with, and regarding America, much more than any other.  A dozen or two dozen Obamas working for a century or more might be able to put the U.S. to sleep, but a single community organizer?  The claim defines absurdity.  I am just old enough to recall Vietnam and the ’60s riots; I grew up amid the ’70s Stagflation.  I lived under Carter and the menace of a resurgent Soviet Union.  I was working five blocks away from the WTC in September 2001.  I have seen real threats to my country.  Obama is very much a benchwarmer in that category.

Which does not mean that he can be allowed to continue.  He has done real damage, and he must be prevented from doing any more.  Americans by the millions have suffered because of his actions.  There exists in America today greater poverty, humiliation, and despair than would have occurred otherwise.  Obama is now toying, in his response to the Trayvon matter, with mass racial confrontation.  He has to go.   Read more …