The Democrats’ Biggest Lie

April 16, 2012  By Larrey Anderson


There are white lies.  There are ordinary lies.  There are big lies.  And then there are lies that are so huge that it is difficult for a rational person to believe that such a lie has been attempted.  The left’s talking points about the GOP, contraception, and women in America in the year 2012 are based on the biggest[i] lie of our century: the GOP is attempting to ban contraception in America.

This lie cannot stand examination.  The left lies about Social Security reform, unemployment numbers, the state of the economy, global warming, etc.  The list is long.  The script is methodical and boring.  The politicians who deliver the lines of that script are boorish.  But the assertion that the GOP is attempting to deny women contraception at the state level is so absurd and so heinous that the Party must not be silent.  It must not sit quietly or offer up tepid rebuttals.  The GOP must respond loudly and rationally.  It must do so now.   Read more…


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