For Obama, Going Positive May Be More Difficult This Time

April 13, 2012, 8:17 am  By RICHARD W. STEVENSON

President Obama’s campaign has left no doubt about how it intends to run against Mitt Romney, portraying him as a bazillionaire elitist and conviction-free flip-flopper who has allied himself with the Republican Party’s most extreme positions.

  After a year in which he was excoriated on an almost-daily basis by Mr. Romney and the others seeking the Republican nomination, Mr. Obama is now letting loose his competitive, street-ball side, mocking his opponent’s vocabulary and suggesting a Republican victory would lead to social Darwinism. The comments by a Democratic strategist Wednesday night about Ann Romney’s work history were condemned by Mr. Obama and his inner circle but only reinforced the sense that a lot Democrats are primed to play rough in 2012.  Read More…