Women to White House: You don’t speak for us


‘We know when we are being pandered and



At the same time that the White House is hosting a forum to congratulate itself on its work for women’s causes, one group of ladies has organized a video campaign to expose the administration’s “political manipulation” and “pandering,” arguing that the real “war on women” isn’t coming from the right. 

Business and education leaders, as well as activists and cabinet secretaries are gathering today for White House Council on Women and Girls, a day of speeches and panel discussions culminating in a 55-page report detailing all the ways the Obama administration has implemented policies it says benefit women. Read More…



One Comment to “Women to White House: You don’t speak for us”

  1. The left’s desperation and mentality has reached the bottom. It is so typical of Obama, being a Muslim, to have a pretty low regard for women. It is funny how the liberals think they are championing women’s rights when they are actually downgrading women for thinking that woman are all about having sex, getting laid needing birth control pills paid by taxpayers, getting irresponsibly pregnant and having taxpayers pay for their abortion. Such a sad state of affairs for a sitting president to be so morally incompetent as to expect us women to be stupid enough to believe that “this is what we want.” Bullshiyet!!! Feinstein and Pelosi…really??? If I wanted to have sex, I wouldn’t want any of you losers to know, let alone extend my hand for a handout. Sorry, liberals, my vote is much more valuable than that. You can keep your filthy ideas, morals, and agenda. YOU LIBERALS are not getting my vote!