Obama’s Plans For His Second Term


  Obama’s Plans For His Second Term
Jeffrey Kuhner
March 30, 2012


President Obama has done the country a favor: He has given a hint of what his second term would consist of. Unshackled by the need to be re-elected, Mr. Obama would unleash an all-out radical assault.



His plan is to bring Trotskyism to America, thereby imposing a socialist revolution from above. America’s military will be gutted. Its private economy subordinated to a centralized, bureaucratic state. The nation transformed into a Third World basket case. And all of this will come with the Kremlin’s blessing.

At a security summit in South Korea, Mr. Obama was overheard speaking with Russian President Dmitry Medvedev. Both men did not realize the microphones were picking up their words. They were discussing a missile-defense system for Europe. Mr. Obama told Mr. Medvedev that he needs more time to resolve the issue.

“This is my last election,” Mr. Obama said. “After my election I have more flexibility.” Read More…