No Longer A Lost Cause

Patrick Caldwell  March 5, 2012

Democrats’ chances of holding the Senate look far sunnier than they did a few months ago. 

Liberals weren’t too excited about their 2012 electoral chances a few months ago. Even if Barack Obama managed to hold onto the White House, simple math made it tough to imagine Democrats keeping their current majority in the Senate. Democrats will need to defend 23 seats this November, thanks to their success in the 2006-midterm elections, while Republicans only have 10 seats up for grabs. If Republicans manage to flip four seats in November, Mitch McConnell would start off 2013 as the Senate Majority Leader.

But, a series of favorable polls coupled with a spate of state-level developments have brightened Democrats’ chances. The big news last week was Maine Senator Olympia Snowe’s decision to retire at the end of the current session. What was one a safe Republican seat is now considered a toss-up that could easily land in the Democrats column.  Read More…