Will this man split Republican vote?

Mysteriously funded ‘independent’ party tied to Obama


Former Louisiana Gov. Charles “Buddy” Roemer has said he hopes to become the independent candidate to run for president as part of a group calling itself Americans Elect.

The mysteriously funded, highly organized Americans Elect effort to put a third-party candidate on this year’s election ballot has ties to President Obama and top Democrats, as WND previously documented.

After dropping out of the GOP nomination race, Roemer said he is now seeking the presidency as an independent with Americans Elect.

“The Americans Elect think the country ought to come first, and I agree,” he said.

While Americans Elect requires each presidential candidate to choose a vice presidential candidate from another party, Roemer said he plans to select an independent candidate to run alongside him.

Roemer told a local Louisiana newspaper he hasn’t yet endorsed Americans Elect’s platform and he is also considering becoming the Reform Party’s candidate.

Earlier this week, David Boren, a former Democrat senator and governor from Oklahoma who backed Obama in 2008, told the New York Times that Americans Elect could provide “electric shock therapy” to the political system. Read More…